Found hope sparks

hope sparks found above grounded angst


There are moments of glimmer. Hope sparks. They arise unexpectedly from soul touches.

You are bound by many things yet your mind roams the realms without boundaries. Your spirit is heightened by simple gestures. Words of gentle tones. Smiles of a beloved face. Lift your own countenance up so ancient angst can glide off. It may linger yet grounded it will never reach the levels of raised appreciation.

Found hope sparks heal broken shells.

2nd September 2014 – AC

2 March 2018

Beautiful poem by Catherine Baker


a blackbird’s journey

written in blue dusk on snow

these shadowed footprints

sharp as the thought that sent it

skittering under the hedge

two stuttering hops

and then the smooth skim of wings

out beyond my words

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Release date for THE NUTSHELL TALES – 18. November 2017

Captain´s Log

A Short Story Collection of vignettes and stories over time, out of time. After three poetry books, the LOGBOOK collection, and my HISTORICAL FICTION NOVEL “A QUEST FOR LONGITUDE” follows THE NUTSHELL TALES as a selection of little worlds seen in each nutshell.

A wider point of view on ordinary and worldly things Bourne from experiences of transposition from homeland to homestead enlivens words to become stories, tales from outer and inner worlds. Every nutshell a fragment of a kaleidoscopic resounding experience.

November 2017

©By Andrea Connolly

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Loreley trip
Approaching Loreley

Sometimes we are clouded. Our own judgement or others. We have lost the blue and bright. We drift before an obscured sun. Approaching Loreley was playing it all out. What is the meaning of this? How can I understand what is so unclear. High up I try to make out features, form, shapes as the boat of life turns slowly. Then, the clouds are suddenly in our backs, the open stream in front of us beckoning to move. Forward!

©By Andrea Connolly, 9th October 2017

Sacral Heritage Exhibition Opening 14th of June 2017 – ILLUMINATION: Harry Clarke Stained Glass of Cavan Cathedral by Andrea Connolly

Harry Clarke stained glass transposed in watercolour and paper by Andrea Connolly

Captain´s Log

ILLUMINATION presents miniatures, details and magnifications of Harry Clarke stained glass of Cavan cathedral highlighted and transposed in watercolour on paper with calligraphy in ink. They are seen through the artists eyes, in different intensity of light. Sunlight filtered through brilliant tints leaded, etched, painted and thus enhanced into spectral monuments are perceived in choices of colour and watered brushstrokes. A motion of meditation, solarpowered inspiration to translate zeitgeist and identity of a connection between artists in both media, paper and glass. On a cloudy day there are still striking colours in Harry Clarke’s windows. Every minuscule ornament is part of a composition of balance. While sketching on different days with different intensity of sunlight details came back and forth according to their colour and shape. There’s life in them. I illuminated my findings in watercolour and paper, in awe. Andrea Connolly

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Roots want to see the Light

There is beauty in twistedness and scars.

Resolve and resilience is at the heart of a living being.

Growing old with burdens, pain and oppression, yet, growing.

There is a map on your body that tells stories of utmost treasure. It is most visible at dawn, in the softest light. You extended your roots. What once was in your infanthood and by vernal adventures reached a threshold. Now you reach up to the sky, out wide to be stark.

Roots want to see the light and you make your story seen to the attentive eye.

20th February 2017 ©By Andrea Connolly