1 The old faces are but shadows
Never seeing the light
The light though
Stands out from the shades
To be shining
Alight from true essence
Carried above the shallow


2 Soul divers come up
Breaking the surface
Shadows are mere fleeting souls
They leave
No impact
Nor inspiration


3 Ghosts is what they are
Old faces withered
The net of lies
Will be their undoing
Brave hearts rise
To take the crown
Once more


4 It is in our hearts
To to go the highway
When they go low
Over and under and behind
Each other
Till they know no more
Than a fallen leaf
Fall before their time
The summer’s end
The circle finds its rhythm
In another realm


27th of July

By Andrea Connolly




Author: andreacconnolly

I am on the bark to NEVEREND

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