Soul Flight

Lady Queen of Heaven
Photographed in the seminary church Maynooth, Co.Kildare, Ireland, by Andrea Connolly

Through my eyes my soul flies to glints of reflection. A mosaic opens a window that is there and is not there. Drawn to an artists impression of a crowned lady. Connection in my heart to our lady. Angels flutter and kneel. The king, the queen, human beings and yet not so much. An image of believing, belonging and longing. Out of the blue I wish I could see what I feel what is real on a different invisible level. – 17th July 2018 by Andrea Connolly


Advent Flash

Advent Flash

When did advent go by in a flash? The rush grips us and flushes us out of the road called advent. Waiting is a nuisance. Why wait for Christmas when you can have all of it in November? It, meaning the deco, the special offers, the trees, the glitter and the music? Silent night premature on first of advent? In a flash time will go by and Christmas truly arrives. Will we lie down exhausted, overfed, bored, unnerved and grumpy under the tree on Christmas morn? O, could I be free to celebrate nativity and its gift just on the day, shed the clutter of gifts, expectations and turkey traditions for one moment of true love. To see a child smile that day would be magnificent. A child born anew in our hearts.

1st of December 2014

©by Andrea Connolly

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